Beetles species, common and family name with typical body shape

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There are loads of beetles, for a general body plan have a look at the right hand column or click on the list below for different families and species.

Latin name
Common name or type of beetle

Beetle Body shape


ground beetles

Cychrus caraboides snail-eating ground beetle
ground beetle body shape
Brachinus crepitans Bombadier beetle
Carabus nemoralis  
Carabus violaceus violet ground beetle
Loricera pilicornis  
Harpalus latus  
Harpalus rufipes strawberry seed beetle
Pterostichus niger  
Pterostichus madidus  
Calathus melanocephalus  
Agonum albipes  
Agonum dorsale  
Nebria gyllenhali  
Hygrobiidae Hygrobia tarda, Hygrobia hermanni Screech beetle
Screech beetle body shape
Haliplidae Haliplus sp.  
Halpilidae beetle body shape
Dytiscidae Dysticus marginalis Great water beetle
Dytiscidae beetle body shape
Deronectes elegans  
Gyrinidae   Whirligig beetle
whirigig beetle body shape
Hydrophilidae   water beetle
Hydrophilidae beetle body shape
Hydrophilus piceus Hydrous piceus Silver water beetle
Hydrobius fuscipes  
Silphidae Nicrophorus (Necrophorus) humator sexton, burying, carrion beetle
burying beetle/carrion beetle body shape
Nicrophorus investigator burying beetle
Oiceoptoma (Oecoptoma) throracica Red-breasted carrion beetle
Silpha atrata  
Staphylinidae Staphylinus (Ocypus) olens Devil's coach horse, cock-tail beetle
rove beetle body shape
Philonthus sp. rove beetle
Ontholestes tessellatus  
Lampyridae Lampyris sp. glow worm
glow worm beetle body shape
Cantharidae Cantharis nigricans Soldier, sailor beetles, Grey sailor beetle
soldier, sailor, blood sucker beetle body shape
Malthinus flaveolus Yellow-tipped malthine
Rhagonycha fulva Black-tipped soldier, Bloodsucker
Elateridae   click beetle, skipjack
click beetle body shape
Helodidae/Scirtidae Helodes marginata  
Helodidae beetle body shape
Dryopidae Helmis sp.  
Dryopidae beetle body shape
Dermestidae Anthrenus flavipes furniture/carpet beetle
Dermestidae beetle body shape
Attagenus pellio 2 spot carpet beetle/fur beetle
Dermestes lardarius larder beetle, bacon beetle
Endomychidae Endomychus coccineus fungus beetle
fungus beetle body shape
Coccinellidae Coccinella septempunctata 7 spot ladybird, ladybug
ladybird beetle body shape
Halyzia 16 guttata Orange ladybird
Propylea 14-punctata 14 spot ladybird
Adalia bipunctata 2 spot ladybird
Adalia 10-punctata 10 spot ladybird
Calvia 14-guttata Cream spot ladybird
Lyctidae Lyctus brunneus Powder post beetle
powder post beetle body shape
Anobiidae Anobium punctatum woodworm, furniture beetle
woodworm, furniture beetle, biscuit beetle body shape
Stegobium paniceum biscuit beetle, drugstore beetle, bread beetle
Ptinidae Ptinus tectus spider beetle
spider beetle body shape
Niptus hololeucus  
Tenebrionidae Tenebrio molitor meal worm
meal worm, flour beetle body shape
Tribolium castaneum flour beetle
Scarabaeidae Cetonia aurata rose beetle, rose chafer
chafer, dung beetle body shape
Geotrupes stercorosus dung beetle, dor beetle
Anisoplia sp. chafer
Melolontha melolontha cockchafer, May bug
Xytlotrupes gideon rhinoceros beetle, elephant beetle
Pachnoda marginata sun beetle
Aphodius sp. dung beetle
Lucanidae Lucanus lunifer stag beetle
stag beetle body shape
Lucanus cervus stag beetle


longhorn beetles

Aromia moschata musk beetle, longhorn
longhorn beetle body shape
Stenocorus meridianus  
Rhagium bifasciatum  
Strangalia quadrifasciata  
Chrysomelidae Chrysomela populi poplar leaf beetle
leaf beelte body shape
Donacia simplex  
Bruchidae Bruchus pisorum pea beetle, pea weevil
pea weevil beetle body shape



Otiorhynchus sulcatus vine weevil
weevil beetle body shape
Phyllobius sp. weevil
Sitophilus granarius granary weevil
Phytobius waltoni aquatic weevil
Hylobius abietis Pine weevil