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On the right at the top is the Spotted tun, Tonna dolium, also know as Tonna tessellata. It is found in the Indo-Pacific in deep water where it feeds on fish, sea urchins and crustaceans. It is 8 - 12 cm long.

Below right is the Textile nerite, Nerita textilis. It is found in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea among rocks in the intertidal zone. It grows up to 5 cm long.

Spotted tun, Tonna dolium, Tonna tessellata and Textile nerite, Nerita textilis, marine snail
Distorted anus Distorsio anus, the Distorted anus, left and right has a rather unfortunate common name. It is found in the Indo-Western Pacific in shallow waters under coral where it eats echinoderms. Distorted anus, Distorsio anus, marine snail

Muricidae, Murex (rock snails) overview

The Murex family are large to medium sized predators found in the tropics, they are often called rock snails. They are usually found in the shallows or intertidal zone on rocks and corals. The shells are often elongate and highly sculptured with spines and fronds, and brightly coloured insides.

Endive murex, Chicoreus chicoreum, also known as Hexaplex cichoreum, right. Found in the S. W. Pacific, and can reach 15 in height when fully grown.

Endive murex, Chicoreus chicoreum
, marine snail

The Radish murex or Black murex, Muricathus radix or Hexaplex radix is on the left. It is found in the western Pacific among intertidal rocks from the Gulf of California to Peru.

Giant eastern murex, Muricanthus fulvescens, on the right is found off the S. E. U. S. A. it can be found washed up on beaches from North Carolina all the way round to Texas. Adults can be up to 18.5 cm.

, marine snail
, marine snail Snipe's bill murex, Haustellum haustellum, marine snail

Above is the Snipe's bill murex, Haustellum haustellum also known as Murex haustellum. It is found in the Indo-Pacific.

On the left is the Toothed murex, Haustellum dentifer, also from the Indo-Pacific.

Zambo's murex, Homalocantha zamboi, marine snail

On the left is Zambo's murex, Homalocantha zamboi, found in the Red Sea.

On the right is the Giant hairy melongena, Pugilina morio, also known as Murex morio and Semifusus morio. It is found in the Atlantic around Brazil, Angola, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Gabon, Mauritania, in the Caribbean Sea, and around the Lesser Antilles. It is found down to 30 m deep in mud and other soft surfaces in mangrove swamps and river estuaries. It feeds mainly on carrion.

Adult size ranges from 7.5 - 27.0 cm. In traditional Brazilian medicine it is used in the treatment of sexual impotence.

Giant Hairy Melongena, Pugilina morio
On the right is the Alabaster murex, Siratus alabaster, found in the western Indo-Pacific region. Alabaster murex, Siratus alabaster, marine snail shell