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Torphins invertebrates

Ground beetles to be found in and around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

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Torphins is a village in upper Deeside, Aberdeenshire Scotland. There is nothing particularly special about the wood, it is a mixed species coniferous/deciduous wood, so things found there can probably be found in many other Scottish, British or even European woods. For more information on Torphins itself and the human population there go to Torphins.org.
Nebria gyllanhali

Nebria gyllenhali, also known as Nebria rufescens

Usually found near streams and in moorland.

Adult length is 8.6 - 12.0 mm.

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Carabus violaceus, violet ground beetle, adult

Carabus violaceus, common name - the violet ground beetle

Common and abundant everywhere in parks, gardens, forests and open country.

Adults range in size from 20 - 30 mm long.

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Agonum dorsale, carabid beetle

Agonum dorsale

Found in open meadows, grassland and gardens.

Adults length ranges from 5.8 - 8.2 mm.

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Agonum albipes

Agonum albipes

Usually found near water.

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Carabid beetle larva, ground beetle larva

Carabid beetle larva, ground beetle larva

Found in a variety of habitats throughout the year.

Fast moving.

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