Beetles to be found in and around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Creophilus maxillosus, Hairy rove beetle

Creophilus maxilosus adult rove beetle

Found on or near carrion.

Adult body length 15 - 25 mm

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Ontholestes tessellatus, a rove beetle

Ontholestes tessellatus.  An adult rove beetle, Staphylinidae

Usually found near carrion or dung, but also in compost heaps.

Adult length is 13 - 20 mm.

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Rhagium bifasciatum a longhorn beetle

Rhagium bifasciatum, adlult longhorn beetle

Rhagium sp. larva, longhorn beetle larva

Adults are seen from May to August on trees and flowers. The larva feeds inside decaying conifer stumps - so is hardly ever seen. The one on the left fell out of a load of logs.

Adults are from 12 - 22 mm long.

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Strangalia quadrifasciata

Starangalia quadrifaciata adult

Adults are usually seen in July and August on flowers or old wood.

Larvae are rarely seen as they live inside old trees, especially willow.

Adult length 11 - 19 mm.

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Dytiscus marginalis, the great water beetle or carnivorous water beetle

Dytiscus marginalis, male, carnivorousgreat water beetle

Adult and larva are found in ponds and slow moving water, adults are also powerful fliers.

Adult length 27 - 35 mm.

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Endomychus coccineus, the Fungus beetle.

Endomychus coccineus, fungus beetle, adult

Found in woodland and near decaying wood.

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