Beetles to be found in and around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - 3

Torphins is a village in upper Deeside, Aberdeenshire Scotland. There is nothing particularly special about the wood, it is a mixed species coniferous/deciduous wood, so things found there can probably be found in many other Scottish, British or even European woods. For more information on Torphins itself and the human population there go to

Soldier, sailor beetles

Cantharidae larva, soldier beetle larva

The larva are found amongst the leaf litter, on the soil or near the ground most of the year. The adults are usually found on flower heads in summer.

Larva can be seen year round depending on the weather, adults are only alive in summer.

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Gyrinus natator, the Whirligig beetle

Gyrinidae, whirligig beetle, adult

Gyrinidae larva, whirigig beetle larva

Adults are found rushing around on the water surface on slow moving or stagnant water, the larvae are found in the mud or bottom vegetation of shallow water in ponds and ditches.

Adults hibernate during the cold months.

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Malthinus flaveolus, Yellow-tipped malthineadult

Malthinus flaveolus, the Yellow-tipped malthine

Found in woods and woodland edges.

Adult length 4.5 - 5.5. mm.

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Cantharis nigricans, Grey sailor beetle, adult

Cantharis nigricans, the Grey sailor beetle

Adults are seen in the summer months, often on flowers.

Adult length 7 - 11 mm.

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Rhagonycha fulva, black-tipped soldier beetle, bloodsucker beetle

Rhagonycha fulva, black-tipped soldier beetle, bloodsucker beetle

Adults are 7 - 10 mm long and can be seen from June - September.

They are commonly seen on flower heads in unmown grassy areas.

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Elateridae larva, click beetle larvaElateridae pupa, click beetle pupa

Elateridae, click beetle, wire worm

Larva and pupa are found in the soil. Adults are found on flowers and leaves, but will drop to the ground and play dead if disturbed.

They are more common in cultivated soil and woodland edges or glades.

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Athous haemorrhoidalis, click beetle, skipjack beetle

Athous haemorrhoidalis, red-brown skipjack

9 - 16 mm long

Seen mainly in summer

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