Moths (2) to be found in and around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Torphins is a village in upper Deeside, Aberdeenshire Scotland. There is nothing particularly special about the wood, it is a mixed species coniferous/deciduous wood, so things found there can probably be found in many other Scottish, British or even European woods.

Mother Shipton, Callistege mi

Mother Shipton, Callistege mi

The caterpillar is up to 40 mm long, and thin like a looper with just 3 pairs of prolegs. It feeds on clover and similar plants. The eggs are laid in June and hatch after 3 weeks. In September they pupate and overwinter. The adults emerge the following year in May or June.

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The Snout, Hypena proboscidalis

The Snout, Hypena proboscidalis, adult Noctuid moth

Adults fly in June, July and August.

Wingspan 16 - 20 mm.

Found in a wide variety of habitats, but always near nettles, the foodplant of the caterpillar.

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Brimstone moth, adult

Brimstone moth, Opisthograptis luteolata

Caterpillar feeds on hawthorn, blackthorn and apple, and reaches 33 mm long.

Adult flies from April to August/

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Silver-ground carpet moth, Xanthorhoe montanata

Silver ground carpet moth adult, Xanthorhoe montanata

Caterpillar feeds on low-growing plants.

Adults fly from May - July, wingspan 24-28 mm.

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Common white wave, Cabera pusaria

Common white wave, Cabera pusaria, adult

Adults fly from May - August.

Caterpillar feeds on birches.

Common in woodland.

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Northern spinach, Eulithis populata, adult

Eulithis populata, the Northern spinach

Adults fly from June - August

Wingspan 28 31 mm.

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Odezia atrata, the Chimney sweeper moth

chimney sweeper moth, adult

Caterpillar. The caterpillar feeds on pignut flowers.

Adults. The Chimney sweeper wingspan of 23 - 27 mm.

It flies in sunny weather in grassy areas in June and July.

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Welsh wave, Venusia cambrica, adult moth

Welsh wave, Venusia cambrica

Caterpillar in July and August on rowan.

Adult moth flies in June and July.

Wingspan 27 - 30 mm.

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Mottled beauty, Satin beauty, Alcis repandata, Deilptenia ribeata

Mottled beauty, Alcis repandata or Satin beauty Deilptenia ribeata

Found on shady woodland.

Adult flies late June - August.

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