Beetles species, common and family name with typical body shape

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There are loads of beetles, for a general body plan have a look at the right hand column below or click on the family name. You might not find an exact match for the beetle you are looking for, but there are few greater joys in life than marvelling at the beauty of beetles. There is general beetle info. on the main beetle page, and more detailed info. on the many pages leading off that page.



Carabidae, ground beetles mainly predatory and fast runners.

ground beetle body shape
Hygrobiidae, water beetles, screech beetle
Screech beetle body shape
Haliplidae, water beetles
Halpilidae beetle body shape
Dytiscidae, predatory water beetles, great water beetle
Dytiscidae beetle body shape
Gyrinidae, water beetles, whirligig beetles
whirigig beetle body shape
Hydrophilidae, water beetles, silver water beetle
Hydrophilidae beetle body shape
Silphidae, sexton, burying, and carrion beetles - often covered in reddish brown mites.
burying beetle/carrion beetle body shape
Staphylinidae, rove beetles, devil-s coach horse
rove beetle body shape
Lampyridae, glow worms
glow worm beetle body shape
Cantharidae, soldier, sailor, bloodsucker beetles
soldier, sailor, blood sucker beetle body shape
Elateridae, click beetles, skipjacks
click beetle body shape
Eucnemidae, false click beetles
Buprestidae, jewel beetles
Buprestidae adult body shape
Helodidae/Scirtidae, the family without a common name
Helodidae beetle body shape
Dryopidae, another family with no common name
Dryopidae beetle body shape
Dermestidae, furniture, carpet, larder, bacon, beetles that will and can eat anything at all
Dermestidae beetle body shape
Endomychidae, fungus beetles, looks like a ladybird
fungus beetle body shape
Coccinellidae, ladybirds, ladybugs
ladybird beetle body shape
Lyctidae, Powder post beetle
powder post beetle body shape
Anobiidae, woodworm, furniture, biscuit, drugstore, bread beetles, another family that will eat almost anything
woodworm, furniture beetle, biscuit beetle body shape
Ptinidae, spider beetles
spider beetle body shape
Sphaeriusidae Sphaerius acaroides
Tenebrionidae, meal worm, flour beetles
meal worm, flour beetle body shape
Scarabaeidae, chafers, may bug,rhinoceros, elephant, Goliath beetles, fighting beetles
chafer, dung beetle body shape
Geotrupidae, dung beeltes, dor beetles chafer, dung beetle body shape
Lucanidae, stag beetles
stag beetle body shape

Cerambycidae, longhorn, musk beetles

longhorn beetle body shape
Chrysomelidae, leaf beetles
leaf beelte body shape
Bruchidae, pea beetle, weevil
pea weevil beetle body shape

Curculionidae, weevils

weevil beetle body shape