Beetles in the Endomychidae (fungus beetles) family

Endomychidae family

There are 8 species of beetle in this family in Britain. They are all related to, and resemble ladybirds/ladybugs. The adults live on fungus, especially puff balls and moulds.

Endomychus coccineus, fungus beetle, adult

Endomychus coccineus, the False ladybird above and below, is 4 - 6 mm long as an adult, but not as convex as a ladybird, and its antennae are different. It is fairly common in Britain, especially near woodlands and fungus-infested wood, giving it its common name, the Fungus beetle. The larva is brightly coloured and feeds on wood fungus.

Endomychus coccineus, the fungus beetle, adult

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