Marine snails - 2

Below at the top is the Spotted tun, Tonna dolium, also know as Tonna tessellata. It is found in the Indo-Pacific in deep water where it feeds on fish, sea urchins and crustaceans. It is 8 - 12 cm long.

Spotted tun, Tonna dolium, Tonna tessellata and Textile nerite, Nerita textilis, marine snail

Above is the Textile nerite, Nerita textilis. It is found in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea among rocks in the intertidal zone. It grows up to 5 cm long.

Distorsio anus, the Distorted anus, below has a rather unfortunate common name. It is found in the Indo-Western Pacific in shallow waters under coral where it eats echinoderms.

Distorted anus

Distorted anus, Distorsio anus, marine snail

, marine snail

Girgyllus star shell, Bolma girgylla, above and below, is found in deep waters around the Philippines and Taiwan. It is as tall as it is wide. Adults are 30 - 60mm.

, marine snail

Fasciolaria lilium, Banded tulip shell, marine snail

The Banded tulip shell, Fasciolaria liluim, above, grows up to 100 mm long. It is found in the tropical and sub-tropical Western Atlantic, and preys on larger snails such as the Queen conch.