Marine snails - 5

Below is Bednall's volute, Volutoconus bednalli, found in the waters around N. Australia. It is nocturnal.

Bednall's volute, Volutoconus bednalli, marine snail shell

The Hebrew volute, Voluta ebraea, below, is found around northern Brazil on sand, coral and rocks, from shallow water right down to around 70 m. It is eaten by humans and the shell sold commercially. It can grow up to 22 cm long, but large species are rarely found now; most are 10 - 15 cm long. It feeds on bivalves.

Hebrew volute, Voluta ebraea

Little fox mitre, or Little fox vexillum, Vexillum vulpecula, below is found in the Indo-Pacific region.

Little fox mitre, Little fox vexillum, Vexillum vulpecula

Below is the Imperial volute, Cymbiola imperialis. Found in the southern Philippines on sand in shallow waters. It can reach 25 cm long.

Imperial volute, Cymbiola imperialis, marine snail

Below is Vexillate volute, Harpulina arauciaca, found in the waters around Sri Lanka. This snail is also known as the Gold-banded volute.

Vexillate volute, Harpulina arausiaca, marine snail shell

Magnificent volute, Cymbiola magnifica, below, is found in S. E Australian waters from the intertidal zone down to 230 m.

Fully grown individuals can reach 36 cm long.

Eggs are attached to something solid or buried in sand.

magnificent volute marine snail