Plecoptera - stoneflies 1, 2

Perlodidae family

Stonefly in teh Perlodidae family

The stoneflies above and below are in the Perlodidae family. The double ladder can be seen, but the antennae are blurred as they were in constant movement.

Stonefly in Perlodidae family

Leuctridae family Needle flies

Leuctia sp. adult stonefly

Above and below is Leuctra sp. This genus is also known as needle flies because of the way the wings are folded around the body when at rest. All stoneflies in this family are relatively small, and the adults have short cerci.

Leuctra sp. stonefly nymph

Nemouridae family , Brown stoneflies

Adult stonefly in the Nemouridae family

Above is an adult in the Nemouridae family. All in this family are fairly small - less than 12 mm as adults - and their cerci are either short or inconspicuous.

Perlidae family

Family Perlidae. This family have the largest nymphs of all U. K. stoneflies. They are relatively large and fat, and up to 35 mm long. They have a pair of white feathery gills at each of the 3 segments of the thorax.

Perla maxima, stone fly nymph

Above is the nymph of Perla maxima, the largest species. It is most commonly found in hill streams.

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