Butterflies around Torphins Wood 3, whites etc.

On this page we have butterflies in the Pieridae family - the whites, sulphurs and orange tips, for more butterflies in Torphins see page 1, page 2

Pieris brassicae, Cabbage white, or large white butterfly

Pieris brassicae, Cabbage white butterfly, male, female, drawing showing different wing patterns

Cabbage white butterfly just emerged from chrysalis

Pieris brassicae chrysalis

Pieris brassica caterpillar, cabbage white caterpillar

Pieris brassicae eggs

Eggs and caterpillars are found on plants in the cabbage family from May throughout the summer. Adults are found in a wide variety of habitats.

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Pieris rapae, Small white

Pieris rapae, Small white egg

Pieris rapae, Small white caterpillar

Pieris rapae, Small white chrysalis

Pieris rapae, Small white, adult


Orange tip, Anthocharis cardamines (female)

Orange tip Anthocharis cardamines, butterfly female

Flies from April to June

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Orange tip Anthocharis cardamines, butterfly female

Orange tip male

Orange tip male