Grasshoppers found around Torphins, Scotland

Common green grasshopper, Omocestus viridulus

Common green grasshopper, Omocestus viridulus

It has long wings and when fully grown reaches a length of 1.5 - 2.5 cm. The female's wings are as long as her body, see above, and the male usually has wings a little longer. Adults are seen from July to November.

Below is a juvenile with undeveloped wings.

Common green grasshopper juvenile

Common green grasshopper, Omocestus viridulus, egg pod

The egg pod or case, above, is laid in grass.

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Tetrix undulata, Common groundhopper

Common groundhopper, Tetrix undulata

Tetrix undulata, Common groundhopper found throughout the year in warm weather.

Body length 6 - 14 mm.

Usually found near moss.

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Chorthippus brunneus, Field grasshopper

filed grasshopper, Chorthippus brunneus

Chorthippus brunneus, Field grasshopper flounf in drier grassy areas