Bees found around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Sweat bee Halictus rubicundus

Halictus rubicundus, sweat bee female

Female body length 12 mm

Seen in a variety of habitats from late spring through summer.

Feeds on nectar, stores pollen for young.

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Apis mellifera, the Honeybee

Apis mellifera, honeybee, female

Found near flowers in gardens, grassland and woodland edges during spring summer and autumn.

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Leaf cutter bee

leafcutter bee

Found on flowers in summer, also found cutting semi-circles out of rose leaves.

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Megachile willughbiella

Megachile willughbiella

Megachile willughbiella hairy front leg

Megachile willughbiella above show a male leafcutter who had white, fringed front legs and elaborate mating More>