Geometrid moths (looper, inchworms) to be found around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 1, 2

Brimstone moth, Opisthograptis luteolata

Brimstone moth, Opisthograptis luteolata, pupa

Brimstone moth, Opisthograptis luteolata, adult hatching

Brimstone moth, Opisthograptis luteolata, Adult

Brimstone moth, adult

Caterpillar feeds on hawthorn, blackthorn and apple, and reaches 33 mm long. Adult flies from April to August. More on the Brimstone and similar moths

Silver-ground carpet moth, Xanthorhoe montanata

Silver ground carpet moth adult, Xanthorhoe montanata

Caterpillar feeds on low-growing plants. Adults fly from May - July, wingspan 24-28 mm. More on the Silver-ground carpet moth

Common white wave, Cabera pusaria

Common white wave, Cabera pusaria, adult

Above a male and below a female

Common white wave, adult female, Cabera pusaria

Adults fly from May - August. Caterpillar feeds on birches. Common in woodland. More on the Common white wave and similar moths

Eulithis populata, the Northern spinach

Northern spinach, Eulithis populata, adult

Adults fly from June - August. Wingspan 28 31 mm. More on the Northern spinach and similar moths

Odezia atrata, the Chimney sweeper moth

chimney sweeper moth, adult

Caterpillar. The caterpillar feeds on pignut flowers. Adults. The Chimney sweeper wingspan of 23 - 27 mm. It flies in sunny weather in grassy areas in June and July. More on the Chimney sweeper and similar moths

Welsh wave, Venusia cambrica

Welsh wave, Venusia cambrica, adult moth

Caterpillar in July and August on rowan. Adult moth flies in June and July. Wingspan 27 - 30 mm. more on the Welsh wave and similar moths

Abraxas grossulariata, the Magpie moth

Abraxas grossulariata, the Magpie moth

Adults seen in June, July and August, more>