Geometrid moths (looper, inchworms) found around Torphins, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 1, 2

Mottled beauty, Alcis repandata or Satin beauty Deileptenia ribeata

Mottled beauty, Satin beauty, Alcis repandata, Deilptenia ribeata

Found on shady woodland. Adult flies late June - August. for more on the Mottled beauty and similar moths

Biston betularia, Peppered moth

Biston betularia, Peppered moth, adult

Biston betularia, Peppered moth, caterpillar

Biston betularia, Peppered moth, pupal case

Adults fly May and June. Caterpillars feed July - September. Pupates in soil.

Found in woodlands, parks, gardens, hedgerows.

Forewing length 22 - 28 mm.

For more on the Peppered moth

Yellow shell, Camptogramma bilineata

Yellow shell moth, adult

Adults fly late May - August.

Great varaition in shade, but pattern constant.

Forwing length 13 - 16 mm. more>

Phigalia pilosaria, Pale brindled beauty

Phigalia pilosaria, Pale brindled beauty

The forewing length is 19 - 24 mm.

Female is wingless, males fly Jan - March.

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Bupalus piniaria, Bordered white

Bupalus piniaria, Bordered white

Wingspan is 34 - 40 mm, and forewing length 17 - 19

Adults fly May and June, but can be seen as late as Aug. up here.

Found in or near pine woods more>

Operophtera brumata, Winter moth

Operophtera brumata, Winter moth

Adults seen Oct - Jan.

Females have short wings and cannot fly


Scotopteryx chenopodiata Shaded broad-bar

Scotopteryx chenopodiata, Shaded broad-bar, adult

Wingspan 25 - 30mm, flies late June - August. More>