Spiders around Torphins Wood, 3, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Enoplognatha ovata

Enoplognata ovata and egg sac

Found on vegetation. The female secures her egg sac under a leaf she has bent and held in place by silk.

The colouration is variable, but there are always black spots.

Female body length 4 - 6 mm, male 3 - 5 mm.

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Steatoda bipunctata, the Coffee bean spider, the Rabbit hutch spider

Steadota bipunctata, Coffee bean spider

Found in corners of houses, outbuildings and on tree trunks.

Female body length up to 7 mm, male up to 5 mm.

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Salticus sp., zebra spider or jumping spider.

Salticus scenicus, female

Seen on sunny days on walls, fence posts, window frames and in colder weather in conservatories.

Salticus scenicus, eyes

Body length 6 - 7 mm.

Salticus scenicus Zebra spider, male

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Xysticus cristatus - a crab spider

Xysticus cristatus, crab spider, female

Body length female 6 - 8 mm, male 3 - 5 mm.

Found on the ground or on low vegetation.

Egg sac flattish and white.

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Amaurobius similis

Amaurobius similis

Amaurobius similis male body length is 6 - 8 mm, and female is 9 - 12 mm.

They tend to be found on structures, window frames being a favourite.

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Ero cambridgei or E. furcata, a pirate spider

Ero cambridgei or Ero furcata, priate spider spiderling

Above is the spiderling. Adults are usually 2 - 4 mm long with spiny, striped, long legs.

Below is the egg sac usually found hanging under whatever it has been attached to.

Mimetidae egg sac close up, Ero egg sac close up

Mimitidae egg sac, pirate spider egg sac

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