True bugs to be found in and around Torphins Wood

Greenfly, aphid

greenfly, aphid

Found on vegetation in the warmer months.

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Gerris sp., pond skater.

Gerris sp, water strider, pond skater

Found on the water surface in the warmer months.

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Cuckoo-spit, spittle bug

cuckoo spit, spittle bug spit

Cuckoo-spit is formed by the young of Cercopis sp., Philaenus spumarius and others in the Aphrophoridae family.

The foam hides the nymph, or young bug.

Nymphs can be seen in spring and summer, adults from June to November, eggs overwinter in crack and crevices.

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Picromerus bidens

Picromerus bidens

13 - 15 mm long when fully grown, with 2 spikes jutting out from its thorax.

Found in late summer on shrubs in and around woodland.

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Zicona caerulea, Blue shield bug

Zicrona caerulea, Blue shield bug nymph

The photograph above shows a nymph, the aduts are a shiny metallic blue 5.0 - 8.0mm long.


Hawthorn shieldbug, Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale, Hawthorn shieldbug

13 - 15 mm long

Found on hawthorn, oak birch whitebeam in all seasons except winter

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