Wasps found around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Vespula germanica or Vespula vulgaris, social wasps.

wasp nest, Vespula sp.

Found in open woodland, grassland and gardens in spring summer and autumn.

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Vespula vulgaris, common wasp.

Vespula vulgaris queen, common wasp queen

Queen 16 - 19 mm long, worker 11 - 14 mm long, male 13 - 17 mm long.

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Ichneumonid wasp, parasitic wasp.

Female Ichneumonid wasp

Found in most habitats in warmer months.

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Pompilidae, robber wasps, spider wasps

Pompilidae, robber wasp, spider wasp

Seen on flowers hunting spiders on sunny days.

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Amblyteles armatorius

Amblyteles armatorius emerging from Large yeellow underwing pupa

Seen on flowers in early and mid summer.

This is a male, females have much narrower yellow stripes.

Body length 12 - 16 mm.

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Amblyjoppa proteus

Cocoon from which Amblyjoppa proteus has emerged

I know the above photograph doesn't show a wasp, but a wasp did pupate and hatch out of this Elephant hawkmoth cocoon. For more>

Stenichneumon culpator

Stenichneumon culpator

Seen on flowers April to October.

Larvae parasitise butterflies and moths.